Winter season in the Eifelpark Gondorf

Free Parking • All attractions included in admission fee • Dogs allowed on a leash

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Winter season:

The Eifelpark is open from 02.11.17 to 23.03.2018 daily from 10h-16h.

In the winter season, only the wildlife park is open. At the weekends there will be a bird of prey show in the falconry at 15 o’clock.


Experience our game reserve, the animal feed round, the adventure playgrounds as well as on the weekends the bird of prey air show in the Eifelpark falconry!


Wildlife Park Germany

The Eifelpark is home to more than 200 animals. Experience bears, wolves, lynx, meerkats, parrots, deer and a whole lot more.


Eifelpark Falconry 2017

Eifelpark meets Potzberg
The new falconry with a magnificent bird of prey free-flight show! Experience around 25 birds of prey like the bald eagle, the African fish Eagle, the kite and the Harris’s hawk.



With more than 40 attractions, the Eifelpark Gondorf provides plenty of action for children, families and adrenaline hunters alike.


Alpine Coaster

The Eifel-Coaster is a giant alpine coaster run with a track length of almost 1000 metres and a maximum speed of around 40 km/h in the Eifelpark Gondorf.


Eifelpark Shows

The popular Eifelpark artists FiLu and Mr. Baldo present 2017 the new „Comedy Factory Show“ and the treasure hunt „The pirates are going“.


Eifelpark Voucher

The perfect gift: an unforgettable day in the adventure park for action fans and nature lovers! An Eifelpark voucher is always the ideal choice!